Spec house in affluent San Francisco neighborhood lists for $46 million

Located in the wealthy and hip neighborhood of Cow Hollow in San Francisco, this substantial modern spec house stands out with its distinctive modern look and host of sustainability-focused features. Also a standout is the home’s price. Asking $46 million, it is one of the most expensive listings ever in San Francisco.

The house was built by luxury home developer, Troon Pacific. A previous project in San Francisco’s Russian Hill neighborhood was originally listed for a similar price to this one—$45 million. They sold it for a much lower price, a mere $27 million, in March 2020 right when the market plummeted. The new development comes into a much stronger luxury home market.

The home is around 12,200 square feet and contains six bedrooms. Newly constructed, the home is also fully furnished. It has a focus on sustainability and wellness, with a home-gym, glass-encased sauna, and a LED-enhanced shower-head for “chromotherapy.”

The home sticks out in among its neighbors due its contemporary look and massive size. It is built on a triple-wide lot. Continuing with the theme of sustainability, the home makes extensive use of solar power. Approximately 28% of the home’s energy needs are provided by solar panels.

The interior design is also quite striking, with floor to ceiling windows, and lots of stucco, sandstone, and wood tones. In the atrium, a glass and metal staircase floats freely above two reflecting pools.

A rooftop terrace comes with plenty of room for socializing and features great views of the Bay, from Alcatraz to the Golden Gate Bridge. The Cow Hollow neighborhood is not as exclusive as some in the area, but it has recently become popular with Silicon Valley.

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