Every word counts

So much of our time is taken up by typing. Emails, social media posts, documents. Writing is an integral part of many people’s professional and personal lives. TextExpander is a powerful app that can help streamline more repetitive and routine writing and save you a surprising amount of time.

Basically, TextExpander allows you to create custom “snippets” that can be linked to text, forms, images so that you can type more consistently and efficiently. For example, I could create the snippet “;real” and link that to “https://therealreveal.com/” Then instead of having to copy and paste that url every time I needed to share that link, all I would have to do is type ;real, and then TextExpander would fill in the web address.

The TextExpander app has a library of all your snippets which you can update and organize. A handy feature, is that it allows you to create a personalized autocorrect system. If you set “You’re weclome” as a snippet for the correctly spelled “You’re welcome,” then TextExpander will automatically fix it, every time you make that typo.

In addition to simple things like your email address or commonly used urls, TextExpander can be used to create snippets that function as email templates, with optional subsections. You can use it with Markdown for even more powerful snippets. The possibilities are seemingly endless, and it is possible to get really advanced and in-depth with your snippets.

TextExpander works with a lot of different apps. It is also available across Mac, iOS, and Windows. It also comes with some handy analytics to show you how many words and characters you’ve saved. It can even calculate the time your snippets have saved you, if you plug in your average WPM.

TexExpander’s pricing has a storied history. Originally available for one-time purchase, the app moved to a subscription based model in 2016 with some attendant controversy. Currently it is priced at $3.33 per month, if billed annually. On Mac, you can also purchase version 5 for a one-time payment of $44.95

TextExpander is a subtle, simple app with a ton of time-saving potential. Anyone who finds themselves typing the same emails or messages over and over again will definitely save a lot of time by using TextExpander.

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