Rough drafts

When inspiration hits, you have to be able to capture your thoughts and ideas on the spot. The details can be sorted out later. Drafts is an extremely well-designed note-taking app built for capturing such moments.

At its core, Drafts is just a simple note-taking app. It has generally good design and a clean usable interface. When you’re on the go and a though or task hits you, you can quickly fire up Drafts to capture the thought. Once you finish taking a note, you can immediately share it or save to your inbox. Notes in your inbox can be edited and shared later, and then archived. The sharing feature is quite robust, with a lot of options and integrations with other productivity apps.

There are some basic built in integrations. This is widely expanded through the Drafts Actions Directory.This is an online library of extensions for Drafts that allow you to fully integrate it with everything from Things to Fantastical to Notion.

In the spirit of helping you capture your ideas and tasks in the moment, Drafts also has a very solid dictation feature. You can start dictation from the keyboard within the app. Drafts records speech with a high degree of quality and speed. It even allows you to dictate in a wide variety of languages. Better yet, if you have an Apple Watch, you can quickly dictate to Drafts, even when you’re on the go.

In addition to the capture and share functionality, Drafts is also a generally solid text editing and writing app. You can easily create and assign tags to your notes, which can in turn be utilized to form workspaces. This combined with excellent use of Markdown make Drafts extremely versatile in its own right.

Drafts is free for iOS and Mac, with a $2.99/month subscription for premium features and content. The free version does include all the app’s core features.

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