St. Louis eviction moratorium extended

The City of St. Louis has extended its moratorium on evictions. Originally set to expire on May 31, a court order has brought it up by another month, although there are certain exceptions.

St. Louis Circuit Judge Michael Stelzer ruled to extend the pause on evictions through the month of June. The new order does carve out more exceptions, however, such as allowing evictions of commercial tenants and in residential properties in cases of criminal activity.

There are also limited circumstances in which tenants can now be evicted due to failure to pay rent or utilities. St. Louis has been giving financial assistance to struggling households through both Emergency the Rental Assistance (ERA) program and the State Assistance for Housing Relief (SAFHR) program. Tenants who have not paid rent after relief was made available through these programs may now be subject to eviction

St. Louis County Circuit Judge Michael Burton has also extended the pause on evictions in St. Louis County up to the end of June. There are similar exceptions to the order in the city, in particular in cases of criminal or otherwise dangerous behavior.

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