Improving your contacts

It probably wouldn’t occur to most people to even look for a replacement for the native Contacts app on iOS. After all, how much improvement can really be made on such a fundamental feature? Quite a bit, as it turns out.

Cardhop is an app from Flexibits (the same developer behind Fantastical) that improves upon the native Contacts app for Mac and iOS. It has a lot of powerful features, that you never thought you needed. With the 2.0 version released just a few months ago, it is now more flexible than ever.

The key feature of the app is its search bar. From here, you can look up any of your contacts by name, number, or email. It’s a very powerful and fleshed out tool. Not only can you instantly call, text, tweet, and email your contacts right from the bar, you can also update your contact information directly from the search bar. It also comes with a lot of natural language commands for even more ease of use.

The individual contacts, or cards, are also a lot more dynamic. In addition to standard contact information, like phone numbers, emails, etc., you can also leave detailed, time-stamped notes. Cardhop also allows you to attach multiple images to each card in your contacts.

Contacts can be easily entered into different groups. You can use the bar to send out texts, emails, and video calls to entire groups all at once. Cardhop has a lot of integrations too, making it very flexible to your particular contacting needs.

Some standout features from Cardhop 2.0 include the business card features and relationships. Cardhop comes with a digital business card that you can fully customize. This includes a scannable QR code for easy sharing. You can also scan actual business cards and headers, and Cardhop will generate a contact based on that.

As far as relationships are concerned, Cardhop allows you to assign relationships to each of your contacts, whether this be familial or business relationships. It will then generate, dynamic flow-charts of these networks of relationships. It isn’t an essential service, but it’s quite cool to see family trees and org-charts based off of your contacts.

All in all, Cardhop is a unique and powerful application that can save you a lot of time organizing, updating, and connecting with people. The core features of the app are available for free, with some extra features, especially Fantistical integrations, included with Flexibits premium.

Cardhop is available here.

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