Airr: Audio highlighting

Podcasts have quickly become one of the most popular forms of media in the world. One problem with podcasts, however, as opposed to e-books and social media, is that it can be a challenge to take and share highlights and notes on them. Airr is a really unique and free podcast player that solves this longstanding issue.

Here’s how it works. In Airr’s player there’s a ” symbol. Press that, and it will allow you to save a snippet of the episode. The clip ends at whatever point you press the ” button, and then you can drag back to whatever timestamp you want it to start from. This can also be achieved through Siri voice commands or by tapping your AirPods. These snippets or highlights are called “AirrQuotes.”

You can share AirrQuotes within the app or embed them to share directly on social media. Airr allows you to edit and annotate your AirrQuotes within the app. You can also generate transcripts for your highlights. The most popular podcasts all have transcripts fully integrated, although for more obscure ones you can request the transcripts after you make a highlight. Airr has some handy integrations with apps like Readwise, RemNote, and Notion, that make it easy to gather and organize all your notes and highlights in one place.

It should be noted that, putting aside the stand out feature of “AirrQuotes,” Airr is a perfectly functional and well-designed app. The player has most of the standard features you would expect. You can adjust the playtime, queue up episodes, and even schedule it to stop playing after a preset time.

Airr also looks very good. The interface is clean and easy to navigate. It’s discovery features are a bit lackluster compared to more established platforms, but you can import your podcast subscriptions pretty easily. You can also discover different episodes and podcasts through feeds of highlights shared by other users.

Airr free on iOS. It is currently in beta for Android as well. The app is also constantly improving with a very engaged and responsive development team.

Airr is available on the App Store.

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