Why Work With Seller Listings?

Here are six ways working with seller listings benefits you as an agent.

1. Marketing opportunities. When you get a seller listing, you’ll have signs, directionals, you’ll door-knock, send emails, make phone calls, etc. Listings give you excellent marketing opportunities.

2. Control over your time. You can set the listing appointment, which will take around 45 minutes. That could be the last time you look at the house. By contrast, when working with buyers, they’re more in control of your time, especially in this competitive market. If a house comes onto the market Thursday evening, even if you have a date with your significant other, your buyer has to see the house immediately.

3. Per-hour compensation. The listing consultation may be the only time you spend with the seller. When working with buyers, you could look at 20 to 30 properties with them before they get one under contract. The amount of time you spend with the client and the amount you’re paid are more even when working with sellers.

“Properly marketed listings multiply.”

4. Volume. A great real estate agent can work with 25 or 35 listings at a time, but that same agent would find it very challenging to work with more than six or eight buyers at one time.

5. Pricing. When you prepare for a listing appointment, you’ll suggest proper pricing, and that takes some research. You’ll be able to research the market and become an expert in your local area.

6. More listings. Seller listings tend to bring more listings. A properly marketed property that goes under contract quickly will undoubtedly bring you another listing. Properly marketed listings multiply.

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