Sumptuous Bel-Air villa asks $45 million

Looking like a manor pulled straight from Italy’s Amalfi coast, this luxurious Italianate home recently hit the market with the asking price of $45 million. Called “Il Sogno” or “The Dream,” the villa dates back to the 1920. The current owner is real estate titan Howard Ruby.

The home is around 12,000 square feet, located in the ritzy neighborhood of Bel-Air. The design is very much inspired by Italian villas and has an almost fantastical look.

Many of the rooms feature hand-painted wooden beams or hand-lacquered ceilings. The house has a large ballroom and a library with a skylight and chandelier. Every corner is richly decorated from top to bottom.

Every inch of the house is richly decorated and furnished with handcrafted pieces and antiques from Europe. Mr. Ruby compared the home to a Fabergé egg. Its particularly decadent style won’t be for everyone, but it has an undeniable richness and glamour.

Despite the age of the home and its somewhat old-fashioned look, it is still thoroughly modern where it needs to be. The home has a fully furnished, contemporary kitchen and all the other necessary amenities.

The property is also richly adorned with hedges, colonnades, and statuary. There is also a pool surrounded by bright pink umbrellas and seating.

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