Never miss another video call

Over the last year, most people have had to be in more Zoom calls and video conferences than we could ever have imagined. From lag time to forgetting the link to companies using four or five different services to do video calls, the whole experience can be quite the headache. Fortunately, there are apps that can really streamline the process.

Meeter is a MacOS app that helps you easily access all of your video meetings from one spot. Once you download the app, Meeter gets added to your menu bar, for easy access. Then, all you have to do is link it up to your MacOS calendar, and Meeter will scan that for any upcoming video calls or meetings.

All of your meetings can then be directly accessed from the menu bar. Meeter is integrated with all of the programs you would expect—Zoom, Teams, Google Meet, Webex—as well as plenty of more obscure services from Uber Conference to BigBlueButton. In total, Meeter is integrated with over 30 such programs

From the menu bar, you can see a timer till your next meeting, what program it’s on and other details. It is (more or less) a one-click experience from there to go directly into your meetings.

You can also use Meeter to create contacts from your MacOS contact book and speed dial them on FaceTime. This is very useful for quickly connecting with an individual team member or colleague with whom you have to regularly communicate one on one.

There are some limitations. In particular, Meeter is limited to only being connected to your MacOS calendar, although more integrations are supposed to be in the works. As it is, this can be somewhat inconvenient, if you’re used to using something else like Google Calendar or Fantastical. Another downside is that you still have to find and manually input the passcodes for any meetings that are locked, which can be an inconvenience.

Meeter is free and doesn’t even have any ads. There is also a Pro version that adds some extra functionality, but it isn’t necessary to upgrade in order to get a lot out of the app.

Meeter takes a lot of the hassle out of organizing and remembering all of the video calls that now flood our calendars. It isn’t perfect, especially with regards to being limited to the MacOS calendar. But it really does save a lot of time by keeping everything in one place.

Meeter is available on the App Store.

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