Apple’s latest device helps you keep track of your stuff

AirTags—Meet the latest member of the ever-growing ecosystem of Apple devices. The newest device from Apple can be easily linked up to a phone and used to keep track of your stuff. You will never lose your keys or backpack again with these high-tech tags.

The AirTags are very simple and easy to set up. Just open it up in close proximity to an iPhone and you will be able to sync it up to your Apple account directly. Then you can assign the AirTag a name, like “Keys” or “Wallet,” and attach it to the corresponding item. The AirTags themselves are quite affordable. They cost $29 a piece, or $99 for a 4-pack. If you want to break the bank a little, you can always buy a $699 leather tag case from Hermes.

At short range, the AirTags are tracked using Bluetooth. If you’re within 30-40 feet of your tags, you can just open up the Find My app on your phone and it will point the way directly to the desired tag. You can also trigger a sound alert at any distance.

What really makes AirTags stand out though is how they make use of the Find My network. If you report the AirTag is missing, the AirTag will make contact with every Find My device in the area to help determine and update its location. That means every iPhone and a host of other devices can be used to keep track of your stuff. This gives AirTags a distinct advantage over other similar devices that have to rely on a much smaller network.

The AirTags have around 1 year of battery life via the common CR2032 battery. Your phone will notify you when the tag is running low, and then you can easily replace them. The AirTag itself is solid and well built, although the surface decal is easily scratchable. They are also water resistance for up to 30 minutes.

Apple has put into place certain safety features, to prevent criminals from using the AirTags to illicitly track others. If an AirTag is in motion and separated from its iPhone for a certain period of time, it will give an alert and can then be disabled. Apple has yet to flesh out the details of exactly how the whole system works.

At the end of the day, are AirTags a game changer? No. Still, the precision tracker, especially on Ultra Wideband, is super awesome and fun to use. And while you probably don’t need a digital tracker for your stuff, AirTag’s use of the Find My network makes it the most powerful tracker available.

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