Sprawling Beverly Hills mansion with monochromatic design asks $65 million

Developed by investor Michael Chen and Luxford Investment Group, this massive Beverly Hills mansion blends over the top luxury with natural elements for a striking design. Chen said he was inspired by a trip to Big Sur leading him to include such elements as a 15-foot waterfall and an olive tree imported from Tuscany.

The home can be accessed through a bridge over a man-made stream which flows through the home. The entrance itself is highlighted by panels of highly reflective bronze.

The interior has a largely open plan design, with expansive interior living spaces filled with artwork and natural light. The home also has a striking monochromatic theme, dominated by black and white marble with bronze and metallic finishes.

The layout is bold and big. This dining room, for instance is located on a skybridge. Many of the materials and finishes in the house were imported directly from Italy, including 150 year old olive tree in one of the central courtyards.

The home is around 18,200 square feet. Records show that Mr. Chen originally purchased the property in 2014 for $15 million. He is the listing agent on the home as well. A big believer in crypto currency, he has stated that he will accept payments in bitcoin.

The home includes seven bedrooms, a swimming pool, a movie theatre, and this striking black and white wine cellar.

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