Miami Beach penthouse with unique glass elevator asks $39.9 million

The CEO of Kayak, Steve Hafner, and his wife, Staci Hafner, are putting their Miami Beach penthouse on the market for $39.9 million. The extensively renovated apartment boasts spectacular ocean views and a unique look.

Hafner purchased the home in 2017 for around $21 million. Taking up the top couple of stories of 18-story luxury condominium building, L’Atelier Miami Beach, the home is quite sizable and has great views of the beachfront and ocean. Having made substantial renovations to the penthouse, the Hafners were intending on staying there for several more years while it appreciated in value. But with the Miami Beach market getting so hot so quickly, they decided to list the home now.

The home is around 8,000 square feet. It has six bedrooms. The open-plan design is complimented by floor-to-ceiling windows that show off the ocean views and flood the interior with natural light.

After purchasing the home, the Hafners made substantial renovations. They upgraded the pool and the rest of the rooftop terrace, while also replacing the finishes. They eschewed the gaudy, marble-heavy design typical of homes in the area, instead going for wood floors and richer dark tones in the finishes. The end result has a modern, Scandinavian look, complete with furniture imported from Europe.

One of the more prominent and central features of the is a glass elevator that goes from the main floor of the apartment up to the rooftop terrace. Spiraling around it is a floating staircase imported from Paris.

The top terrace includes a 40-foot infinity pool as well as an outdoor kitchen. In addition to the significant indoor square footage, the duplex also includes around 8,500 square feet of outdoor space, divided between several terraces and balconies.

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