Linking up your online presence

Instagram remains one of the most popular social media sites and is an essential part of any online presence. But since Instagram limits users to one link in your bio, it can be hard to connect your Instagram with your work on other platforms. That’s where Linktree comes in.

Linktree is very simple. You can create a free account at, which gives you a single, unique url. From your Linktree page, you can link your other social media sites, your blog, or anything else you would like. You can easily edit the order of the links as well as chose between some basic color and design themes. Then all you need to do is copy your Linktree into your Instagram bio, and your whole social media presence is just one-click away from your Instagram.

Linktree is really easy to use. The interface is simple and clean and can be accessed and edited from either your phone or desktop. It syncs up across devices and updates live. Linktree also provides you with some basic analytics to track how many clicks it’s generating.

There is a premium version that you can access for $6/month. One of the best features that premium adds is link scheduling. You can set links so that they’ll only appear for a set timeframe and then go away, which is really handy for plugging special events and promotions.The premium version also offers more in depth analytics, but the free version will be more than enough for any but the wonkiest of influencers.

There are other sites out there that do similar things. Some social media marketing gurus even recommend creating your own custom version with WordPress. But for most people, Linktree is effective enough and user friendly enough to get the job done.

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