Bryan Cranston lists eco-friendly beach home for $4.995 million

Bryan Cranston, famous for playing the brutal anti-hero Walter White in the show Breaking Bad, is listing his Ventura County home for just under $5 million. In addition to its quiet oceanfront location and modern look, the home stands out in particular for its environmentally conscious design.

Cranston and his wife bought the property in 2007. There was an old, somewhat ramshackle home on the site, dating back to the 40s. In 2013, while filming the final series of Breaking Bad, the couple decided to scrap the old structure and rebuild. Cranston, who is both very eco-conscious and into architecture, took an active role in designing the new home.

One of the most striking features of the home is its two titanium towers, located on either side of the building. They break up the otherwise uniform and flat stucco exterior.

The home comes in at 2,450 square feet, with three bedrooms. Despite all of its green tech bells and whistles, the house does not come off as ostentatious. It is very modern and has all the necessary amenities, but doesn’t go overboard.

One way the home is so energy efficient is through the generous use of natural lighting. The narrow windows and skylight in this stairwell show how the home blends energy efficiency with its sleek modern aesthetic.

And of course, the home makes extensive use of solar energy. The home is extremely energy efficient, after significant upgrades and renovations, having obtained the LEED platinum certification from the U.S. Green Building Council.

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