To boldly go where no house has gone before

This incredibly unique Malibu mansion, which bears a striking resemblance to the Hubble Space Telescope or the ISS, has recently gone on the market with an asking price of $20 million. The former home of the late lawyer and investor Milton Sidley features a one of a kind look that is truly out of this world.

The 4,356-square foot home features 4 bedrooms and a very open, quirky living space elevated 16 feet off the ground on steel cantilevers. The science-fiction inspired structure of glass and steel doesn’t come off as particularly homey. But the abundance of skylights and huge windows really give it a unique feel, letting sunlight and moonlight flood in and illuminate the whole structure.

Despite the unusual appearance, the home is decked out with plenty of amenities and space. It is divided into two “pods,” for lack of a better word, connected by an elevated, covered walkway. One pod takes the form of a 35 foot tall semicircle built of glass and steel, specially designed for its excellent acoustics. The other pod is much larger, connected by a corridor that spans the length of the home.

The larger pod is the home proper, with the bedrooms, an office, gym, and several other amenities. The home boasts great views of the ocean and the Malibu skyline as well as substantial grounds with a pool.

The home was built in the late 80s. Designer Ed Niles was unable to find a developer willing to undertake such an unusual project, so he oversaw the construction himself. Construction took around five years, with Mr. Niles often having to go to great lengths to find the right material to bring his futuristic home into reality.

Having been designed explicitly for the Sidleys, the home is idiosyncratic and personal to a high degree—and that’s putting to one side the fact that the house looks more like the International Space Station than a regular home. Such intensely unique homes often attract a very niche selection of buyers.

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