The best app for winter sports

Winter can feel like nothing more than subzero temperatures, high windchill, freezing rain and other such misery, especially with a snowstorm of biblical proportions sweeping the nation. But the winter months also means winter sports! Before you hit the slopes again, check out Slopes, the best tracking app for skiing and snowboarding.

With Slopes, you can track a wide range of statistics such as maximum speed, vertical drop, number of runs, and distance skied. It tracks your stats over the whole season as well as day by day. You just turn it on, and Slopes will start recording in the background. It is surprisingly easy on your battery and doesn’t require a connection to work properly. Slopes automatically detects when you’re on a lift too, and adjusts your stats accordingly.

It also works very well on Apple Watch. The design is simple and very intuitive. It has all the tracking features of the main app, with some extra integration with Apple Health. You can invite up to eight friends to join you on Slopes and compare your stats on a leaderboard, giving the app a fun, social dimension on top of everything else.

The app is free, with some premium features. These include the ability to see all of your stats, instead of just your daily totals, updated live. Probably the most fun premium feature is the ability to replay your runs on a 3d map right from your iPhone so that you can relive the highlights of your trip from anywhere. It’s great fun. You can pay either for a day pass, if you just want the added features for one or two trips, or for a whole year.

As an added bonus, Slopes has a dedicated and enthusiastic developer who is committed to keeping the app up to date and to securing user’s privacy. Seeing the passion of one small developer behind such a well-designed, powerful, and effectively free app is inspiring.

Slopes is available on Google Play and the App Store.

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