Lightroom Mobile: Edit on the go

If you’re an amateur or professional photographer, you have probably used Adobe Lightroom. It is a staple when it comes to organizing and editing your raw photos to get them to look exactly like you want. Launched in 2019, Lightroom Mobile allows you to do this on the go, with your iPad or smartphone.

Lightroom Mobile brings most of the functionality and editing power from the desktop version, Lightroom Classic, to mobile devices. More importantly, it allows you to upload photos to the cloud and then syncs them up across platforms seamlessly. Working on editing a photo from your office, but have to be somewhere? With Lightroom Mobile, you can continue to work on the go using your phone.

You can import files as jpegs or as the raw footage. The files aren’t compressed at all on the mobile versions either, which is impressive. Any changes you make carry over directly to the desktop version. You can create presets as well and then apply them to your camera roll. With being able to do all this from your phone, you can then immediately post high quality images to social media without skipping a beat.

It isn’t even that pared down from Lightroom Classic either. You can still do things like selective editing with the gradual filter to edit only certain sections of your photos. And of course there are a bevy of light, color, and other sliders. It has all the features that an amateur photographer would usually need, and all of it accessible anywhere you have an internet connection. More features have been added over time as well.

With the simple, but monumental, addition of cloud syncing, Lightroom Mobile has made the whole experience of capturing, editing, and uploading photos so easy. This innovation showcases the power of creating a seamless digital ecosystem. It makes the whole workflow feel refreshing and engaging.

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