Simplify your scheduling with Calendly

Oftentimes the best applications are not flashy or over-saturated with features. They do a simple job and do it well. When it comes to scheduling meetings, Calendly does precisely that.

Calendly is an automated scheduler. Instead of emailing people back and forth to find the perfect time, you can just create an event on Calendly with all of your availability and other preferences set up so that people can sign up for a meeting with you or anything else with just a few clicks.

Once you create your account on Calendly, you first have to link it up to one of your digital calendars, whether that be through Google, Outlook, or Apple. All the major digital calendars are covered. Then you create an event. You can specify what days and times the event can be scheduled on, whether it is in person, over the phone, or via any form of video call.

You can also determine how long the event is and what sort of increments to divide your day into. That is, you can set it up so that people can only book a meeting at the beginning of the hour, or every half hour, and so on. Another very useful feature is determining how many days in advance people can book you. The default is 60 days, but is completely customizable.

Once you have the event set up, you get a sharable link with a unique url that can easily be sent wherever it needs to go. With that, clients can set up a meeting with just a few clicks. It will not double book with itself, and also takes into account anything you have scheduled on your regular calendar.

With the free version of the app, you can only have 1 type of event available at a time and a few other extra features are lacking. The free version is still excellent and has all the core functionality of the premium app. One useful feature that is only available in the Professional Version, is the ability to integrate the app fully with Paypal or Stripe, so that you can directly bill clients for meetings.

Overall, Calendly is just so straightforward and takes so much of the hassle out of scheduling meetings and similar events that it is a no-brainer.

For more info on Calendly, click here.

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