Plastic surgeon to the stars reduces price on Bel Air mansion

The grandiose mansion of celebrity plastic surgeon, Dr. Raj Kanodia, has recently had its listing price halved. Dr. Kanodia first put the home on the market in 2018 for a staggering $180 million. With COVID reducing the market for international home buyers, he has reduced the price to a mere $99 million.

Kanodia originally built the mansion right next door to an equally grand, equally luxurious estate built by entrepreneur and real estate developer Bruce Makowsky. The 34,000 square foot home was built in order to be flipped for a profit. Makowsky’s mega-mansion stands at 38,000 square feet. When he originally listed it for $250 million, it was the most expensive home in the entire country.

Makowsky’s home recently sold instead for $94 million. It is likely that this dramatic reduction in the sale price contributed to Kanodia’s decision to reduce the asking price on his own estate—and what an estate it is!

Everything about the Bel Air mansion is built to impress—from the tremendous size to the stunning entryway with its 29 foot high ceiling to the 2,000 bottle wine-cellar.

The home features 9 bedrooms and 21 bathrooms. But the basic layout is very open and modern. The exterior is almost entirely of Portuguese limestone and glass making for an interior that feels very open and full of light.

In addition to the capacious and well-furnished interior, Kanodia’s home also features plenty of exterior space, meticulously landscaped.

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