Power-up your calendar with Fantastical 3

Once upon a time, a calendar was something that you hung up on your desk or wall and used to remember birthdays and anniversaries. Said the curmudgeon. Today, digital calendars are now indispensable, allowing you to organize and plot out your days, weeks, and months. It’s hard to maximize efficiency without a roadmap that’s easy to access and edit. That’s the best way of thinking about Fantastical 3 by Flexibits.

Fantastical 3 is a beautiful app. It looks very sleek and modern and clean. Front and center, as it should be, is your calendar. The sidebar sports a minimized calendar and a descending list of your upcoming events and reminders. The app has plenty of information and features, but it never feels like it’s bombarding you with them.

There are also small visual cues here and there that make the whole thing come alive. The latest version comes complete with light and dark modes as well. In short, it has great design and UI, which is an absolute necessity for a calendar app.

As far as the actual features are concerned, Fantastical is quite solid. While it may be a bit old hat at this point, its natural language feature is awesome. For instance, if you type into the app “Meet with Jon Doe this Friday,” Fantastical will take that input and add “Meeting with Jon Doe” to your calendar for this Friday.

One thing that’s great about Fantastical 3 is how it is integrated with so many different apps and platforms. From built in task management features to the weather to direct links to most video conference call software, Fantastical makes it seamless and simple to view and execute tasks on your agenda.

It syncs up across all your Apple devices, including Apple Watch. You can also link it to most other major digital calendars, including Google Calendar and Outlook. There are also share features that allow you to create events and invite people to them directly on the app. This aspect of the app is really flexible and comes in handy both for business and family life.

Fantastical 3 is priced on a freemium based model. The core app is free, but to take full advantage of its suite of features, you do have to make in-app purchases in the form of one of a variety of monthly subscription plans. The free version may suit your particular needs, but does lack a good deal of the apps full functionality.

At the end of the day, then, the real question is: What does Fantastical do that Google Calendar doesn’t do already and for free? Of course, this will come down to individual needs and taste, but I’ve found that Fantastical is both much more user friendly and integrates better with different apps and platforms. I’ve found that the enhanced features and more user friendly interface have more than made up for the asking price.

Fantastical is available on the App Store.

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