Most expensive house in MO asks $13.5 million

Located near the Lake of the Ozarks in Brumley, this massive and stately ranch was recently listed with an asking price of $13.5 million. It was listed by Sotheby’s International Realty and holds the distinction of being the most expensive house currently on the market in the state of Missouri. So what does that look like?

For starters, it means a 13,500 square foot lodge at the heart of over 800 acres of property. The home is built on a gated ranch that can support a lot of livestock, with plenty of room for keeping cattle and horses. The home itself is built right on a lake. There’s plenty of privacy in a stunningly beautiful setting.

The home has the look of a traditional ranch, with lots of high ceilings, wooden beams, and wood panelling. There are plenty of leather seats and taxidermied fixtures on the walls and atop shelves.

It’s not all rustic, however, as the home also features all the modern amenities with a home movie theatre, home gym, and a recreation room.

The home has six bedrooms and nine and a half bathrooms. Built in 2012, everything is modern, finely crafted and detailed, and completely luxurious.

The estate has a lot of space—over 800 acres—meaning that there’s plenty of room for horses and other animals. They are kept in a $1 million barn.

The ranch is located in the secluded but quite desirable lake country by Lake of the Ozarks. The property is private, secure, and beautiful.

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