Travel with peace of mind using TripIt

Planning, organizing, and executing travel plans is a headache! It’s less of a headache if you have a simple, easy to app that can store record and link to every step and detail of your itinerary. TripIt is exactly that.

The basics: TripIt allows you to create and store trips. You set the start and end date, where you’re coming from and going to, and all the details in between. The trips are highly customizable, allowing you to edit and add events and plans at every step of your journey. Different plans in your itinerary can be linked up to other relevant sites. So for instance, you can do online checkin for a flight straight from the TripIt app. It’s great to have every part of a trip broken down into discreet parts and readily accessible on the go. It really takes a lot the stress out of traveling.

It syncs up seamlessly between the browser version and the app version as well, allowing you to plan your trip ahead of time from your computer and then check and update it on the fly from your phone.

One thing that makes TripIt so easy to use is its automation feature. If you give it access to your email and calendar, TripIt will sweep them for any emails, events, or items related to one of your trips and update automatically. For instance, if you get an email from your airline with a change to your flight, TripIt will see that and update your trip by itself. The system works surprisingly well. It catches and records changes that would be hard to keep track of with your recall memory alone.

TripIt is convenient, affordable, and well-designed. It’s been used and well regarded for over a decade. Is there any catch? One potential criticism regards privacy. The automated system does sweep your entire email inbox. While this feature does work with remarkable effectiveness, it can understandably raise some red flags. The feature can be disabled. Then you just have to forward any relevant emails to TripIt.

On the whole, TripIt is an excellent application. If you do even a bit of traveling, it makes organizing and following your itinerary a breeze. If you do a lot of traveling, it is honestly essential and even worth considering picking up the premium version to get instant notifications.

TripIt is available here.

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