Real estate developer Don Peebles’ lush Florida estate asks $14.9 million

Real estate titan, Don Peebles, and his wife have listed their Coral Gables, FL, mansion for an impressive $14.9 million. With a recently renovated interior and sumptuous garden bursting with greenery, the Casa Arboles—“House of Trees”—is about as close to a private resort as any luxury home will get.

This is actually the third time the Peebles have listed the home. They bought it originally in 2004 for $5.4 million and raised their son and daughter there, according to the Miami Herald. They listed it once in 2012 for $11.9 million and again from 2017-2019 with an asking price of $12.9 million.

Mr. Peebles has stated that this is a perfect time to sell: interest rates are low and home inventory, especially for luxury homes, is at all time lows in the Miami area. Now that their children are grown up and business interests take up most of their time elsewhere, they spend very little time at the Coral Gables estate, the couple said.

The estate is extensive. Built on nearly 3 acres of land, the 18,670 square foot home has 10 bedrooms and 12 bathrooms. It also features two home offices, a home gym, tennis court, basketball court, all surrounded by 88 oak trees.

Over the last year, Ms. Peebles has renovated the interior. In place of the original Mediterranean decor, the house is now sleek, modern, and full of light.

The home’s scale is impressive, but it shines in the details as well. From hardwood and custom stone floors to the elegant crown moulding, the House of Trees really stands out on every level.

And of course, no luxury home would be complete without an expansive, sound-proofed home theatre. The one at Casa Arboles sports 10 reclining leather chairs and is one of Mr. Peebles’ favorite spots in the house.

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