Streamline stenography with the power of artificial intelligence

Meetings abound. Nobody really enjoys them, but they are an essential element of the modern workplace. It is equally important to be able to record, transcribe, and share meeting notes and minutes with your team in order to make the most of the. The award winning app, Otter Voice Meeting Notes, uses innovative AI technology to make this process easy and straightforward.

Otter Voice Meeting Notes is an app that automatically records, transcribes, and replays audio. You can either upload audio clips or record using the app. With the free plan, you get access to up to 600 minutes of recorded audio per month. The premium subscription brings that up to 6000 minutes/month. The app is ideal for recording minutes for meetings, interviews, or just your thoughts.

The technology behind Otter Notes is based on AI and machine learning. It works remarkably well, adding commas and paragraph breaks with a high degree of accuracy. It can detect different voices, so that it automatically transcribes interviews or conversations. You can assign names to the different speakers while editing the transcript. With some training, the AI will even remember particular voices. Again, all these features work very well for the most part.

Once Otter Notes has produced the transcript, you can highlight or edit portions of the text and insert images. The playback feature is very intuitive, with the recording and transcript being in perfect sync. Each word is highlighted as it is played back.

The Otter AI automatically generates a list of keywords for any transcript. The text is easily searchable as well. You can convert the transcript into a number of different file formats and create sharable links so that you can share notes with your coworkers easily and quickly.

Otter Voice Meeting Notes does its job and does it well. It is focused, effective, and affordable, making it the perfect app for all your transcription and note-taking needs.

Otter Voice Meeting Notes is available on Google Play and the App Store.

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