Distinctively modern mansion in Denver asks $8 million

Right in the heart of Denver’s very fashionable Lower Highlands, or LoHi, neighborhood, a brand new and luxurious single family home just went on the market for $8 million. With a distinctive red brick exterior, prime location, and gorgeous modern design, this home has it all.

Construction on the home began in 2018 on a piece of land that formerly held a small apartment building, the Denver Business Journal reports. It was designed by BOSS Architecture, a highly sought-after local architecture firm. The home is being listed by LIV Sotheby’s International Realty.

The house makes extremely creative use of its fairly limited space. The lot is 4,199 square feet while the house itself is 7,208 square feet. The house is tiered giving it plenty of verticality and visual appeal.

The ample kitchen can be entirely opened onto the courtyard, when the 33 foot Pella sliding door is pulled back.

The home is very modern, with construction just having finished in October. The striking red-brick recalls the historical look of the neighborhood. Between the open courtyard, large windows, and several skylights, light plays through the building from every angle. It feels open and livable.

The master bedroom sweet on the home’s third floor comes complete with a kitchenette, a deck, and plenty of stunning view of the surrounding LoHi neighborhood. It has 5 bedrooms and 5 1/2 baths all told.

On the lower level, there is also a guest house. At 1,529 square feet, it features a kitchen, its own laundry room and plenty of living space. This is a particularly useful added feature, in an age when more people are living, learning, and working together from home.

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