Express and process your thoughts without distraction

Muse is, as the app’s subtitle suggests, “a tool for thought.” Despite being somewhat low on features and coming with a high price tag of $99.99 per year, the app is somehow alluring, inviting. Muse is more focused on creating a space in which the user can operate freeform, rather than providing you with an exhaustive toolbox of features. The app’s designers compare it to a desk—it can be as neat or chaotic as you want it to be.

This focus on mindset is inherent in the whole design of the app, down to its icon. The design is clean and minimalistic. It doesn’t get in your way. Instead, it provides you with a blank canvas on which you can express and process your thoughts and musings in a systematic or totally unsystematic way, and that’s great. To a large extent, Muse is what you make it to be.

Muse allows you to create boards with images, sketches, and notes. Fully integrated with both the Apple Pen and the iPad Magic Keyboard, Muse is extremely easy to use. You can bring up images, boards and notes, resize them, swipe them to the side for later. It allows you to easily crop and manipulate images on the screen, with a few simple swipes. With the pen you can also write notes and make sketches. The boards can be exported to pdf for easy sharing.

Muse definitely has a fairly high price point, especially compared to other similar apps. It is well worth it, however, for those who can embrace its non-linear and minimalistic approach to work. Again, it is more about the space than the features. Muse looks good and runs smoothly. It is also very new, having been released only in August of this year. Muse has an active team of developers and will in likelihood become more feature rich in future updates.

Muse is available on the Appstore.

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