MLB star and philanthropist’s home asks $3.995 million

Nested in the New York suburb of Rye, the mansion of Major League Baseball Hall of Famer, Mariano Rivera, has gone on the market with an asking price of $3.995 million. The home features an impressive exterior, a suite of modern amenities, and a prime location in a Westchester County suburb of NYC.

Mariano Rivera has lived at the house with his wife, Clara Rivera, and their family since 2006. They purchased the property for $5.7 million and were the first people to live there. The home is nearly 13,000 square feet and located close to New York City.

Matching the turrets and balcony of the exterior, one of the home’s grandest features is its welcoming two-story entryway with its marble floors and sweeping double stairs.

The home is richly decorated with a lot of wood panelling and subtle details.

The home comes complete with an outdoor basketball court and pool area, a sports-bar, a billiards room, and this sumptuous home theatre.

In addition to a more intimate dining room located off the kitchen, the house also features a larger formal dining room. The interior decor is traditional with a large fireplace and two chandeliers.

The home has 9 bedrooms. The Riveras raised their children at the home. They are moving out now that their children are all grown up.

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