Ranch built by fast food founder Ray Kroc has asking price of $29 million

The two golden arches of fast food giant McDonald’s have become a universally recognized symbol. The massive company is known the world over. With such a vast company came a great deal of wealth. McDonalds’ founder Ray Kroc used some of that wealth to build a massive California Ranch in 1965. Now it is on the market for $29 million.

Shortly after coming into his fast food fortune, Ray Kroc purchased a 554 acre in California’s Santa Ynez Valley and began construction of the ranch. He called it “J & R’s Double Arch Ranch,” after himself, his wife Joan, and the golden arches that made them so fantastically wealthy.

The interior of the main lodge is open and richly decorated, with large windows and lofty ceilings.

The wood carved pillars and open fireplace help to give the main lodge of the ranch a distinctively Western feel. This lodge, one of several structures on the property, is around 17,000 square feet.

Kroc built the ranch to function as a conference center, as well as a residence. The property can accommodate up to 100 guests at once and also features spaces like this lecture hall.

The ranch is in the beautiful Santa Ynez valley in California, featuring lakes, gardens, and plenty of wide-open space.

The ranch is huge and features multiple lodges and guest homes, including a particularly luxurious home for Ray’s brother Bob Kroc.

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