Immerse yourself in the writing process with Ulysses

In today’s knowledge economy, effective written communication is an absolute essential. You need to be able to create, compile, and share ideas clearly and efficiently from wherever you are. Of course, it takes a lot of practice and hard work to become an effective and persuasive writer. But it helps to have a word processor that facilitates instead of inhibiting the writing process. Ulysses is a writing app for writers on both an aesthetic and technical level.

First of all, Ulysses looks great. It has a clean design, where all the information is presented in a series of collapsable side bars. On iPad and MacOS, there are hotkeys and shortcuts for everything, meaning you can do pretty much everything with just the keyboard. It also has a no-distraction view, where everything but the text you’re working on goes into the background. All around, the design makes it very easy to immerse yourself in the writing process.

In addition to looking and feeling great, Ulysses is also very versatile on a technical level. You can arrange your writing into sheets that can be easily merged and divided, rearranged. The sheets can all be categorized into larger documents and files. Everything can be accessed from the document library on the side. It is all very flexible and intuitive.

Ulysses is integrated with Markdown so that you can format your documents with a simple plain-text syntax. This allows you to write and format your text without ever leaving the keyboard. It is quite seamless and feels like it. You can export the documents in pdf, ePub, html, and docx. Ulysses is also integrated with WordPress, Dropbox, and syncs up across all your Apple devices.

For its ease of use, its strong technical capabilities, and overall flexibility, Ulysses gives you a lot of freedom as a writer.

Ulysses is available on the App Store.

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