Hockey legend Wayne Gretzky lists SoCal mansion for $22.9 million

NHL’s “the Great One,” Wayne Gretzky, and his wife Janet Gretzky have put their southern California mansion on the market for $22.9 million. They built the house around two decades ago, after Gretzky retired. Janet Gretzky said that the couple had become enchanted with the region when her husband played for the Los Angeles Kings, from 1988 to 1996. They decided it would be the perfect area to raise their family.

The house is a stunning example of Colonial Revival architecture, with the standard red brick and white painted exterior. A broad balcony overlooks the patio and pool. The estate also features extensive gardens and a tennis court.

The house is built on a six and a half acre estate, one of several luxury homes adjoining the Sherwood Country Club. It features stunning views of the surrounding Santa Monica Mountains and the Conejo Valley.

The interior is similarly elegant. Matching the Colonial revival style of the exterior, the main floor has a sweeping staircase and ionic columns.

This is actually the second time the Gretzkys have sold the home. They lived in it for around 5 years, before selling it in 2007. They later bought the home back in 2018.

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