Record your life with Day One

Time flies. Journaling is an excellent practice for staying mindful and keeping some record of the passing days, months, years. With your phone, it is now easier than ever to start journaling. And while no digital mashup of code and pixels will ever beat out a trusty Moleskine for the true believers, Day One is the best app available for preserving life’s most treasured moments and memories.

Day One is simple and intuitive. It has an incredibly clean design, making it easy to jump right in. Available on the iPhone, iPad, and Mac computers, you can sync your journal up across all of your devices, making Day One extremely flexible and convenient.

One of the biggest advantages of digital journalling is that it can automate a lot of the most tedious aspects of conventional journaling. Day One links dates and times, location, even the weather to each post automatically and seamlessly. You can create photo albums and link sound recordings to your entries. One of the app’s most fun features allows you to view your different posts on a map.

In addition to the core journaling features, Day One has a lot more to offer. It has a variety of different templates from a basic journal to an events log to aids for discursive writing. There are also prompts that are regularly updated, if you need some help knowing where to start.

Day One is constantly updated and improved by a small and dedicated team. It has password and finger-scan lock as well as encryption features, meaning your information is always safe and secure.

All in all, Day One is highly reviewed and award-winning for a reason. Get out there and start journaling!

Day One is available for Apple and Android.

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