Reach more people and make more connections

In 2020 where people are more immersed in the digital world than ever before, it has become increasingly difficult to stand out in the constant stream of texts, emails, notifications, and social media posts. It takes a lot of effort to elicit even a second of someone’s attention, let alone real positive engagement. Reach makes this a whole lot easier.

Reach allows you to send mass texts quickly and efficiently to both groups and lists of contacts. Even better, Reach personalizes the messages automatically with the recipient’s name. You can send individual messages to large numbers of people without all the clutter and confusion of mass group texts or endless threads. Its interface allows you to transition smoothly from blast emails and text to continuing the conversation via private messaging.

By being both efficient and personal, Reach has the potential to really help you boost engagement with customers and generate leads. One downside is that you have to press send individually for each message, even if you are texting hundreds of people. It is a lot more efficient than copy and pasting, but can still be a hassle.

There are some extra features, like a built in translation feature into over 100 different languages as well as Google Voice integration. Combine the affordable Reach Unlimited subscription of $4.99/month with excellent customer service, and you have one of the best mass texting apps available.

Reach is available on Apple.

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