MLB superstar Derek Jeter lists Tampa mansion for $29 million

Retired Yankees short-stop, Derek Jeter, has recently put his $29 million mansion in Tampa Bay on the market. Since retiring from the field, Jeter has been the CEO and a part-owner of the Miami Marlins.

Photoe: Uneek Image

The home is enormous at 30,875 square feet. Built on a 1.25 acre estate, the property has 320 feet of Hillsborough Bay coastline all to itself and takes full advantage of the fact with a private dock and 80-foot pool.

Photoe: Uneek Image

The house was custom-built with a palatial limestone exterior and all the amenities for which one could ask.

Photoe: Uneek Image

Jeter putting the home on the market has generated a lot of media attention. Recently, he had been renting it to no less a celebrity than Tom Brady. The combined star-power has made the listing a national story.

Photoe: Uneek Image

Apart from celebrity gossip, the house is also the hallmark of ultra-luxury real estate in the Tampa area. It is sure to draw a lot of interested potential buyers as people leave north-eastern states like New York for more temperate and tax-friendly environments.

Photoe: Uneek Image

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