St. Louis University supports development in Midtown

St. Louis University (SLU) has partnered with the Gate District West Neighborhood Association on an affordable housing project in Midtown, the St. Louis Business Journal reports. The partnership reflects SLU’s desire to engage with the local community.

SLU has sold the 400 acre property, divided across 43 smaller parcels, to a number of developers under the oversight of the St. Louis Midtown Redevelopment Corp. Construction has begun on the project that will eventually include 35 single family homes and 19 condos, priced in the $200,000-$300,000 range. Habitat for Humanity St. Louis will also contribute with the construction of 7 additional homes.

SLU has given Gate District West residents a high degree of control over the partnership, with the neighborhood association selecting the four developers working on the new housing, among other things. Furthermore, SLU officials have said that all proceeds from the sale of the property will be given to maintain and refurbish existing homes in the same neighborhood.

This level of cooperation and proactive engagement appears to be warmly received by residents of the neighborhood. This Fall will see the completion of the first houses. The whole project is expected to be completed within the next two years.

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